2016-2017 President Kristi Shaffer’s Message to Club

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2016-2017 President Kristi Shaffer’s Message to Club

Dear Club 31 Rotarians,

As I shared on June 30th, during our Continuation of Leadership Ceremony — Jim Goddard asked me a question over 18 months ago.¬† He asked me to serve as the President of the Rotary Club of Denver, and I said, “YES.”

The fact is, at one point, we all said yes when we joined Rotary, whether that was 40 years ago or 4 months ago.  Each of us said…

YES, I believe in service above self and care about others.
YES, I want to learn and will be open to what our speakers share.
YES, I want to broaden my network and will attend meetings and events.
YES, I will make meaningful financial contributions to support our local and worldwide foundations.
YES, I will volunteer my time and get out of my comfort zone.

Our community and the world are changing at an unprecedented pace.¬† In my role as President Elect, I’ve already worked with many of you to implement changes to adapt to this changing environment.¬† Our Rotary Club needs to evolve to not only remain relevant, but to continue to be a societal force that exemplifies what’s good in a world that is struggling to overcome disease, illiteracy and international conflict.¬† But, to make that happen, we need to be ALL IN.¬† Everyone needs to say, “yes” when asked to play a role in our Club’s efforts.

I would like to recognize¬† seven people who are committed to the future of Club 31 and have recently said, “yes” and accepted a great deal of accountability.

Mark Montgomery
, VP – Membership
Jim Johnston, VP – Service
Don Lewis, VP – Fundraising
Doug McLemore, VP – Meeting & Events
Mary Penny, Secretary
Rich Harris, President Elect
Sandy Purcell, Treasurer
André van Hall, Past President

If one of them calls you and asks you to do something, please say, “YES!”

Can Denver Rotary Club 31 still have a significant impact on our community and the world? I believe the answer is absolutely!¬† As long as we all say, “YES!”

Best Regards,
Kristi Shaffer
President 2016-2017
The Rotary Club of Denver

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