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Rocky Mountain National Park’s Centennial

Dave Lively, a Certified Interpretive Guide and President of Historic Fraiser spoke on Thursday about Rocky Mountain National Park’s history and ongoing centennial celebration.

Annual CU Opera Performance

The Opera Theater Singers at the University of Colorado Boulder performed their annual holiday concert for our club. This year’s singers were CU students from all over the United States: New York, North Dakota, California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, North Carolina and Texas. Watch the video to see their amazing performance!  

Colorado National Guard in Today’s Challenges

Gen. Edwards gave a brief background on the Colorado National Guard and discussed its more current duties and activities. As State Militia, National Guard units are formed once a state has been admitted to the Union. They are under the command of the Governor in peacetime, and have a twin role of both local law…

The Genius of Cyfford Still

Dean Sobel, Director of the Clyfford Still Museum,  presented an overview of the museum including information about who it is named after, how it came to be located in Denver, and the art works it contains. The Clyfford Still Museum, strategically located next to the Denver Art Museum, now houses 3,000 pieces of Still’s art,…

Leading in Tough Times

Guest speaker Richard Bryan talked about “Leading in Tough Times” and how he learned to communicate more effectively. Mr. Bryan now lives in Evergreen with his wife and two children. At the age of 28, due to his father’s illness, he unexpectedly became the fourth generation of his family to become CEO of the family…

New U.S. Patent Office in Denver

The opening of the Denver regional U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) continues to be of great interest in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. In July 2012, the USPTO announced that Denver was one of the three region areas to be awarded a satellite branch office. It was a long-sought victory for the region…

Minimizing Harm in an Era of Marijuana Legalization

Dr. Christian Thurstone recently spoke at our club regarding the effects of marijuana usage. He noted that there are very powerful and wellfunded organizations advocating for marijuana sale and use, and most people are not aware that there can be significant negative health effects.

Advances in Stem Cell Technology

Dr. Dennis Roop, Ph.D., Director, Charles C. Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology, Anschutz Medical Center, University of Colorado spoke at our meeting about advances in stem cell techology. The Center was founded in 2006 by grant from Charles C. Gates Foundation and uses adult stem cells, not embryo stem cells.

Seeing the World Differently

AndrĂ© van Hall provided a glimpse of what he went through when he learned he was losing his eyesight and how he established a new partnership with his Seeing Eye dog. AndrĂ© learned on a Wednesday night in 2011 he was going to lose his eyesight in two weeks. He was determined to learn all…

Protecting Colorado’s Open Spaces

Mr. Pike, who opened the Rocky Mountain Field Office for The Nature Conservancy in Denver in 1976, noted that Colorado has been in the forefront in the country in land conservation with GOCO and lottery funds going to conservation, some of the oldest and healthiest local open space programs in the country, and a very…

Denver Rotary Rededicates Polio Plus Sculpture

June 6th was a very special day in our Denver Rotary history. As part of our offsite Rotary luncheon in the Fulginiti Pavilion on the Anschutz Medical Campus, the Rotary Club of Denver rededicate our PolioPlus sculpture in its permanent location outside the pavilion in the Boettcher Commons area. It was a special day indeed.

Is peace in the world possible?

Today, we heard from Professor Ved Nanda, from the University of Denver and a member of our club, who discussed the possibility of peace in our world. He noted that sometimes it is possible to lose hope that peace is possible in the world when we hear in the news about ongoing conflicts, like Syria, and…

John Fielder Comes to Denver 31

Imagine coming to your weekly meeting and getting to armchair travel around the state of Colorado through the imagery of John Fielder ( Today was such a day. We were delighted to have John Fielder come and speak about the work he has done to protect our wild spaces throughout Colorado. Some interesting tidbits we…

John Hayes Speaks at the Rotary Club of Denver

John Hayes came to Ball after beginning his career in investment banking, where Ball was one of his clients. At Ball he worked in corporate planning, marketing and development until he went to Europe in 2005 and first became executive vice president and later president of Ball Packaging Europe, one of Ball’s largest operating segments….