What’s Going On

2013 Peach Sales Help DCIS Interact and DRCF

Denver Rotary has successfully wrapped up its 10th annual Peach Sale. Club 31 Rotarians, along with the help of our Denver Center for International Studies Interact Club, distributed 26,000 pounds of peaches during our pick-up day on August 31st. The DCIS Interact Club was presented with a check for the profit earned on each box…

Colorado National Guard in Today’s Challenges

Gen. Edwards gave a brief background on the Colorado National Guard and discussed its more current duties and activities. As State Militia, National Guard units are formed once a state has been admitted to the Union. They are under the command of the Governor in peacetime, and have a twin role of both local law enforcement and national defense.

Learn more about the Colorado National Guard by watching General Edward’s presentation.

The Genius of Cyfford Still

Dean Sobel, Director of the Clyfford Still Museum,  presented an overview of the museum including information about who it is named after, how it came to be located in Denver, and the art works it contains. The Clyfford Still Museum, strategically located next to the Denver Art Museum, now houses 3,000 pieces of Still’s art, including 825 paintings and over 2,000 drawings, in a stunning cultural art coup for Denver.

Watch the video on Dean Sobel’s presentation to see images from the Clyfford Still Museum.

Update on End Polio Campaign

endpolionowWEBOctober 24th is World Polio Day!

Please plan to wear your End Polio pin on Oct. 24th, our meeting date. This day will be acknowledged all around the world for the successes that Rotary and its partners have had in eradicating polio globally.

We have come a long way since Rotary’s first challenge in providing vaccine to stop polio back in 1979 in the Philippines. In 1985, there were 350,000 cases and in 2012 only 223 paralytic cases in the world. We are better than 99% there.

Leading in Tough Times

Guest speaker Richard Bryan talked about “Leading in Tough Times” and how he learned to communicate more effectively. Mr. Bryan now lives in Evergreen with his wife and two children. At the age of 28, due to his father’s illness, he unexpectedly became the fourth generation of his family to become CEO of the family business, a car dealership in Bristol, England. The business was in trouble and losing $3 million a year. Bryan told how he chose one of the directors of the business who had great communication skills to be the manager and within ten years, they turned the company around to be a very profitable business.

Watch the video on Richard’s presentation.